How a Wide-Format Printer Benefits Your Business

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Although it may seem like people spend all their time in front of a screen, printed materials are still a valuable source of information and an effective advertising method. You can enhance your company’s ability to produce hard-copies of memos, graphics, magazines, and more with the installation of a wide format printer! Here are a few business benefits of a wide-format printer.

adminHow a Wide-Format Printer Benefits Your Business
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Can a Document Management Solution Improve Workflow?

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Businesses today are overwhelmed trying to manage the incredible amount of data passing through their organisations. With a mix of methods to collect, process, store, and retrieve data, it can become inefficient. A solution many businesses turn to is a document management system (DMS). A DMS offers a digitised way to streamline record keeping systems, and those making the investment find that it drastically improves their workflows and saves money in the long run.

adminCan a Document Management Solution Improve Workflow?
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Why Your Businesses Needs a Print Analysis

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As much as we all try to go paperless, most businesses require print services. Exactly how much and what any business needs can vary, which is why a one-size-fits-all approach is never the best option. A professional print analysis can take a detailed look at everything related to printing within your office. It will track usage, spending, and more data you may not have considered important. Then it uses that data to help you craft a printing solution that is customised for your business. Here’s why your Sydney business needs a print analysis. 

adminWhy Your Businesses Needs a Print Analysis
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Advantages of Cloud Printing

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Cloud printing allows any network-connected devices to access a printer. The cloud can handle even your most complex printing duties. There are many advantages for businesses to use the cloud for printing functions and print management. Here are some of those advantages! 

adminAdvantages of Cloud Printing
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Why Your Small- to Medium-Sized Business Needs a Multifunction Printer

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If you’re a small- to medium-sized business (SMB), you know how important it is to use resources wisely. Your organisation doesn’t have the budget or the support staff for every gadget and service under the sun, so the tools and services you choose need to do a lot at a minimal cost. One tool that every SMB needs is the multifunction printer (MFP). Here are three reasons why your business needs an MFP.

adminWhy Your Small- to Medium-Sized Business Needs a Multifunction Printer
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The basics of online recruitment for small business

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While online job sites are an efficient and cost-effective platform for recruiting new staff to a small business, it is not as simple as just posting a few quick lines about the role. For the best outcome, it is important to invest some time in crafting a well-structured and targeted job advertisement. 

As part of our series of small business tips, recruitment and careers expert Maria Borg provides advice on how to create job advertisements that attract valuable and appropriate candidates.

So you are looking to hire…

The first thing you need to remember is that an effective job ad is not just a job description. It:

  • Is a professionally written message that generates an appropriate response
  • Attracts the best quality talent and does not leave you inundated with inappropriate candidates
  • Is the start of the recruitment relationship between you, your organisation and your candidate

You need to know your target audience and be able to offer them what they want in a language they understand.

Writing a good job advertisement is not difficult if you follow a clear structure (outlined below) and think hard about the qualities and abilities you want your ideal candidate to possess.

A good job advertisement consists of several equally important elements:

  1. an effective headline
  2. key benefits (usually 3 bullet points)
  3. a brief company profile
  4. a summary of the job itself
  5. a profile of the ideal candidate
  6. any rewards or incentives
  7. your contact details
  8. application closing date (optional)

Here are some tips to sharpen the focus of your ad:

Be very specific.

Be very specific with requirements to allow candidates to compare what is required with their own skills and experience and discourage those with limited skills and experience from applying.

Provide a clear job title (headline) and salary range.

Clearly articulate what skills and experience are essential or desirable.

Describe your company – but not in too much detail.

Take a look at Google search results to discover other commonly used terms that describe the job you’re hiring for and adjust the position title to accurately reflect what a potential candidate is looking for.

Speak directly to the reader.

Avoid phrases like “the successful candidate” or “the ideal applicant” and simply use the word “you”. Also, use colloquial terms common to your candidate’s demographic

Nail the short description.

On average, four times as many people read the short description than actually click through to the ad itself. So put some thought and effort into what you write (using the structure provided).

Ask for a cover letter.

This can provide useful clues to character, education level, and communication style.


adminThe basics of online recruitment for small business
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5 Ways SMEs Can Improve Their Business With Professional Quality A4 & A3 Colour Printing, In-House

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In this digital age it’s important to stand out from the competition.  Producing high quality printing helps your company get the professional edge and win more business. First impressions count! Presenting material you can be proud of is definitely going to get you noticed but outsourcing production is time consuming and an expensive chore.

So if outsourcing is not a desirable option the answer must lie in-house.  Or does it? SME’s often express that an A3 and/or a colour printer is just too expensive to purchase for the average office and in-house printing is therefore not an option.  These days though, it is possible to find an affordable colour printer that can meet your professional needs in house.

The cost verses benefits of in-house A4 and A3 colour printing, are not obvious until we look a little closer so in this article we will explore the possibility of printing professional quality A4 AND A3 colour prints in-house to generate more business.

Contrary to popular belief, printing in house is very likely to not only save you money but in most cases also generate more business to so in turn it makes you money.

Consider These 5 Benefits:

1. STAND OUT from your competition

Professional quality brochures, presentations and other documents will help to grow your business.

2. Brand Awareness

First impressions count.  When customers see your marketing and other printed material, you are introducing yourself to them and showing them what to expect from you. The quality of your printed materials should reflect the quality of your business, product or service. It will continue to “sell” your company long after your sales person has left your customers (or prospective customers) premises.

3. Gain Control

By taking printing in-house, you can control when and how you print rather than waiting at the end of the queue for a printing house to get to your job.  Another benefit is that you also don’t have to order large quantities of pre-printed stock (and risk redundancy of information) to keep unit costs down.

4. Cost

A major consideration in taking the step to produce your own professional quality prints is that the cost of printing in-house can be as low as $5.00 per day. This is a considerable saving when compared with engaging the services of a professional printer.

5. Increase In Productivity

Imagine how much more work can be completed, if high quality prints were available from a mobile device your graphic artist has just emailed the final proof to.

The key though is to ensure the device you are printing from allows your staff flexibility and mobility. Your members of staff will want to be able to set their print jobs to their specific needs and pick it up from a convenient spot.  Finding a compact printing solution that provides these benefits AND produces professional quality output will allow your office to enjoy the best of both worlds.


admin5 Ways SMEs Can Improve Their Business With Professional Quality A4 & A3 Colour Printing, In-House
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How To Use Google Cloud Print On A Mobile Device

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Over the last 20 years, the way we work has changed dramatically.  The internet is now a significant part of our every day home and working life.  We live in a mobile world of immediacy and we are used to getting things we want now.

Working on the go can be adapted to mobile printing on the go now too.  With Google Cloud Print, you can safely print anything, from almost any device, to any cloud-connected printer.

The benefits of mobile printing for SMEs include:

  • Quick printing access from a computer, mobile phone or tablet making life easier for all staff on the go and back in the office.
  • Time saving for both staff and your clients.
  • You can make your printers accessible to anyone you choose either at home or work.

Specifically, Google Cloud Print works on your phone, tablet, Chromebook, PC, and any other web-connected device you want to print from.  This means that those who rely on a smartphone or tablet as their main point of communication, can print directly from it wherever they are.   Not only is this groundbreaking, it’s surprisingly easy too.

In today’s article we have broken down the steps for you to start printing from just about any mobile device.

6 Steps To Mobile Printing With Google Cloud Print:

  1. Find a computer in your existing network (desktop or laptop is fine) already connected to a Google Cloud Print enabled printer. Many modern printers are Cloud Print ready but if you are unsure about this you can find an excellent source to connect both classic and Cloud Print ready machines here.
  2. Sign into your Chrome browser.  If you don’t use Chrome as your browser, you will need to set it up and you can find quick and simple instructions here.
  3. Go to the Cloud Print page to add mobile devices to the printer so they match your preferences.
  4. On your mobile device, select and download the appropriate app (both Android and IOS devices have them) but for the purpose of this article, we are looking at Cloud Print which is free.
  5. Cloud Print allows you to open your documents, pictures and emails in Google Drive, Dropbox, Google Calendar and Mail.
  6. Simply send the desired document to the printer that’s linked to your desktop or laptop.  Once you’ve submitted a print job, use the Google Cloud Print management page to track it.

To watch the video on how to print from a mobile device with Google’s Cloud Print step by step in full click here.

Google Cloud Print is completely secure.  Your file is sent safely over the web and Google Cloud Print works from wherever you are.  This could be in the same room or even in a different country thanks to the internet.


adminHow To Use Google Cloud Print On A Mobile Device
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