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Can a Document Management Solution Improve Workflow?

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Businesses today are overwhelmed trying to manage the incredible amount of data passing through their organisations. With a mix of methods to collect, process, store, and retrieve data, it can become inefficient. A solution many businesses turn to is a document management system (DMS). A DMS offers a digitised way to streamline record keeping systems, and those making the investment find that it drastically improves their workflows and saves money in the long run.

Boosts Efficiency

Tired of hunting down paper copies of a document or trying to figure out who has it stored on their hard drive? With a document management system, documents can be accessed at any time since it stores them in a central repository, allowing users to search and access the information they need. Other features increasing efficiency include:

  • Ability to document input via scans, mobile, email, and more.
  • Indexing of documents through a digital tagging system.
  • Conversion of documents (i.e. typed, handwritten, or digital) to be readable by all.

Additionally, with a document management system, redundant tasks are eliminated, helping businesses to stay better organized while giving them more time to devote to core competencies and company growth.

Increased Convenience

Everyone has experienced the headache of tracking down the most recent version of a document. A DMS eliminates the process of finding recent versions of a file because users have simultaneous access to documents. Every edit is tracked in real time, even if workers are logging in from different locations. Users can also:

  • View an active timeline over the life of any document.
  • Enjoy a streamlined workflow.
  • Integrate all systems to work within one software solution.
  • Take advantage of cloud storage for safe and convenient access for all.

Although a document management system makes files accessible to your organisation, security standards aren’t undermined. These systems also come with features that heighten security. With the ability to track digital footprints, offer encryption, incorporate audit control, and assign role-based access, managers can ensure vital documents remain secure.

Recent findings indicate small business growth in Australia is on the rise. Companies trying to stay ahead of the competition will want to invest their resources wisely. Document management solutions keep businesses up to date with current technologies while providing an opportunity to grow and adapt to changes in the industry.

When it comes to efficiency, convenience, and cost-effectiveness, you can’t go wrong with workflow automation. If you’re considering investing in a document management solution, contact Orion Print Management today for more information.

adminCan a Document Management Solution Improve Workflow?

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