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Why Your Businesses Needs a Print Analysis

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As much as we all try to go paperless, most businesses require print services. Exactly how much and what any business needs can vary, which is why a one-size-fits-all approach is never the best option. A professional print analysis can take a detailed look at everything related to printing within your office. It will track usage, spending, and more data you may not have considered important. Then it uses that data to help you craft a printing solution that is customised for your business. Here’s why your Sydney business needs a print analysis. 

adminWhy Your Businesses Needs a Print Analysis
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Signs That You Can Trust Your Printer’s Service Technician

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Finding a team of reliable and effective service technicians can be the difference between printers that are offline for days or having a fleet of dependable, well-tuned machines. If you are unhappy with the current level of service that you are receiving, it may be time to move on to another provider. When evaluating your techs, there are certain signs that are good indicators of their trustworthiness and dependability. Take a look at the signs below and see how your team of service technicians measures up!

Orion PrintSigns That You Can Trust Your Printer’s Service Technician
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How Print Management Services Improve Business Productivity

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Many IT departments spend much of their time responding to issues concerning their office equipment instead of more productively spending office hours working on projects that truly allows the business to prosper. In fact, many large IT departments spend approximately 25% of their work hours dealing with device management including ordering supplies, equipment repair, new device installation, etc.

Businesses of all sizes constantly seek ways to increase productivity while simultaneously save money. By relieving your IT team of their print management duties, you can significantly improve business productivity. A quick solution would be hiring a qualified print management services company. Print management services work to improve office printing processes that make office print more efficient and cost-effective.


When saving money with print management services, the first step is a comprehensive assessment of the print program in place, including equipment and supplies. When you determine what does and does not work within your current system, the print management experts at Orion can suggest and implement new opportunities to maximize your print solutions. After establishing a print management plan, your print management company will continuously monitor and service your office printers and copiers and keep your office stocked on supplies.

Cost Efficiency:

Many businesses don’t realize how much budget is being consumed by document printing and copying. However, with print management services, your business can regain control of costs and reduce unnecessary expenditures.

Print services will identify ways to reduce hidden costs. Office printers and copy machines are necessary components to office life and require particular supplies and maintenance to avoid downtime. With managed print services, you can identify potential issues and solve them before they become significant problems keeping your employees focus on business strategy rather than print concerns.

Overall Benefits:

Wile cost management is a priority, print management services can provide businesses with solutions that benefit the entire organization. Including increased IT security, workflow solutions, and print fleet management and repair. If you are interested in a cost efficient and highly productive print services, contact Orion Print Management today!

Orion PrintHow Print Management Services Improve Business Productivity
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