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Four Printer Repair Strategies to Get You Back to Work – Orion Print

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Digital communications have greatly enhanced the efficiency of office work, but printers are still equally as important in today’s digitally-advanced era. A study discovered that 94 percent of respondents cited having a printer in the office as the single most important resource for being able to reach their full professional productivity potential. Having a printer in the office simplifies paper correspondence and easily allows you to make as many copies as you need. What happens when the printer breaks down, though? As you can imagine, things can get ugly in the office very quickly. From losses in productivity to the inability to complete projects according to deadlines, a broken printer can turn a happy office into a war zone. Fortunately, there are four printer repair strategies you can use to get you back to work.

4 Printer Strategies to Get You Back to Work

  • Use On-site IT Resources
  • Replace the Broken Printer With a New One
  • Hire a Repairman to Fix the Printer
  • Sign a Maintenance Contract With a Managed Print Services Provider

Despite having multiple options, some of these strategies are accompanied with several disadvantages. Consider the first option of pulling your internal IT team off-task to focus on repairing a broken printer. In doing this, you are pulling them away from the value-adding activities they need to focus on. And implementing strategy number two only makes sense if the printer was inexpensive to start with, because you can likely acquire repair services for cheaper than what it will cost you to purchase a new one.

Strategies three and four make for the best options to get you back to work as quickly and efficiently as possible. Number three, however, tends to only be best for businesses that have a small number of printers and a minimal printing volume. But, consider the additional drawbacks of the break-fix method, as well, such as the unpredictable costs associated with hiring for one-off repairs and the possibility of having to stand on que to wait for repairs.

Businesses that have a high printing volume will benefit the most from signing a maintenance contract with a Managed Print Services provider. A Managed Print Services provider will maintain a bird’s eye view of your printing infrastructure, which is vital to pinpointing and correcting printing issues before they occur. This proactive approach helps keep printing downtime to a minimum. This type of services provider will also be able to provide scalable services, meaning as your business grows, your printing infrastructure will be able to adapt accordingly without losing efficiency.

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Orion PrintFour Printer Repair Strategies to Get You Back to Work – Orion Print

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