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How a Wide-Format Printer Benefits Your Business

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Although it may seem like people spend all their time in front of a screen, printed materials are still a valuable source of information and an effective advertising method. You can enhance your company’s ability to produce hard-copies of memos, graphics, magazines, and more with the installation of a wide format printer! Here are a few business benefits of a wide-format printer.

Better Printed Image Quality

An ink drop system is the standard way that wide format printers apply the image to the paper. While dropping ink may sound haphazard at first, the technique allows microscopic precision in the placement of every single drop, ensuring that the image looks exactly like the digital copy that is guiding the process.

Create Larger Banners and Posters

A banner printed on standard paper may be great for a child’s birthday party, but a company needs its static advertisements to pop out of the background and inspire customers to sign up or associates to feel the company spirit. Instead of a few dozen small posters repeated on a wall, you can advertise with a singular large banner with more detailed graphics.

Faster Printing of Smaller Projects

When you have thousands of copies that need to be printed, small differences in your printer’s speed become more significant over time. With the extra space on the printer, you can split up the surface area to print multiple copies per page to cut through the queue more quickly and free the printer for other uses. When employees aren’t standing around the printer and waiting for it to complete, they can get more work done.

Improve Office Productivity with a Wide Format Printer

When you can print higher-quality images at faster speeds with more versatility, it’s hard to understate the value of a wide format printer for any company that regularly prints materials. Whether you have a company magazine, provide white papers to prospective clients, or are putting up advertisements around town, the printer will enhance productivity and improve quality. To find out more about the variety of wide format printers that are available and the benefits of each model, browse through our catalog or contact Orion Print Management to learn more!

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