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Productivity Need A Boost? Look No Further Than Your Office Printers

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Every business is constantly on the lookout for ways to boost productivity. There’s one component that often gets overlooked in the workplace. That component is our printers. Nearly every employee uses a printer on a daily basis. The majority of your company’s data flows through your printers. For these reasons, your printers are great tools to help you boost productivity and streamline your office workflows.

Multifunction printers simplify workflows

We will start with multifunction printers as a perfect starting point for boosts in productivity. These devices can print, scan, copy, and fax all from the convenience of one single device. They also provide status reports to the user so that you know where your job stands in the queue. MFPs are also equipped with wireless technology so that employees can print from any mobile device.

Mobile printing is a must-have

Let’s talk a little more about the value of mobile printing. Much of today’s business is conducted on mobile devices. It’s no surprise that businesses want their employees to utilize mobile devices in today’s world. In fact, over two two billion people worldwide own a smartphone! Emails, presentations, and sales numbers are often composed and stored on tablets and smartphones. Employees can boost productivity by simply printing directly from their mobile devices whenever needed. This saves them the steps it takes to convert projects onto the desktop computers that are hard wired to the printing infrastructure.

Quick and easy scanned document searches

Today’s business leaders are always looking for new ways to use the latest technology to drive their businesses forward. When it comes to today’s printing technology, you can utilize the latest print-tech upgrades by converting documents into searchable and editable data. Optical character recognition (OCR) technology, for example, helps your employees easily search for text or keywords within the document – even text that is handwritten! This technology boost productivity and can be incredibly helpful in keeping your team on track. For example, if an employee misnames a file, you can still track it down by searching for keywords in the document. This is a major time-saving tool that reduces the headaches that often come with document searches.

Modern printers are user-friendly

Today’s printers are designed for efficiency. Touch screens make it easy for users to follow through on the various processes and tasks that come with the modern printer. Time spent at the printer is drastically reduced, as employees can quickly navigate their way in and out in just minutes. No more need to read through bulky owner’s manuals to figure things out like with that of older printers.

Today’s printers are capable of more than just printing. These devices are designed to move your business forward with major boosts in productivity. For more information on modern printers that are available here in Sydney to help your increase your business’s productivity, contact Orion Print Management today.

Orion PrintProductivity Need A Boost? Look No Further Than Your Office Printers

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