Print Analysis

Most companies:

  1. Don’t know how much they are paying for internal print.
  2. Are paying far too much for internal print.
  3. Are not utilising the right equipment.
  4. Let the equipment sales person lead the negotiation.
  5. Are looking for alternative cost efficient solutions.
  6. Have no idea how to address the situation.

We are able to offer our customers the following:

  • The savings by rightsizing fleets of output equipment are staggering
  • Print fleets can cost an organisation between 1 and 3 % of revenues
  • Firms that actively manage their printer fleets can save up to 30 % of printing costs

Case Study: Gartner Group Research

As stated by Gartner research companies spend anywhere between 1 and 3 % of their revenue on printing alone. Most times without even realising it.

Long term contracts that are continuously renewed, equipment added on an adhoc basis because there is a perceived requirement, and a lack of controls for what is printed.

Managing your print costs and knowing which is the best equipment suited to your needs is not easy. Up until now we have allowed the salesperson to upgrade existing equipment rather than recommend what should be the right equipment based on what we do.

Now there is an opportunity to get an independent assessment on all facets of our internal printing, starting with “how much we are actually printing” and “what it is actually costing us”.

From there we can discover what it should be costing us and is the equipment we currently use the right fit for the organisation.

This doesn’t necessarily require the replacement of existing equipment; it can mean relocation and optimisation of current devices, controlling what we print and in which format.

Where to begin:

Utilising an intelligent print volume gathering tool and assessment of current contract, print and consumable costs.

Allows us to:

  • Gather a snapshot of exact costs and printing habits.
  • Resize and redistribute print loads.
  • Gain immediate cost savings of up to 30%


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